Terms & Conditions


Renter has received the vehicle according to the law of Montenegro ” On road traffic safety”, which he examined and found in proper conditions, and appropriate for the purpose of renting it. Renter must return the vehicle and all documents, tools and accessories, which are in the property BOKA CAR in the same condition as he received them. The vehicle must be returned at the location and on the date designated in this agreement. BOKA CAR allows the renter to be late up to 29 minutes in relation to return time designated in this agreement. After expiration of 29 minutes the renter will be charged 15€ for every 30 minutes of delay, but maximum up to daily price of the rent. If the renter is disabled to return the vehicle at agreed time, date and place he must advice BOKA CAR by phone at least 1h before. BOKA CAR reserves the right do gain repossession and use of the vehicle at any time without notice and without Renter’s consent if at the discretion of BOKA CAR there is danger of damage or loss of vehicle as well as the risk of not receiving the rental charge. BOKA CAR has the right the above-mentioned case to gain repossession and use the vehicle if it has been used or is being used in violation of this agreement or after expiration of the designated rental period.



Renter has the obligation to compensate BOKA CAR in the event of theft, loss or damage to the vehicle and to any second parties as well as loss or damage of any car document and equipment suffered by BOKA CAR. 

More specifically: 

a) Renter is responsible for all damages he has caused to vehicle or to others, in case he has violated rental terms of use or in case he has been driving same in an illegal manner or in violation of the Montenegrin Driving Code independently of any optional extra insurance accepted; 

b) Renter is partially responsible for the damage occurred on the vehicle or in case of theft up to am-mount of paid deposit/franchise, which is minimum fee for damage or theft compensation. Renter ia fully responsible for damage, loss or theft if he didn’t use the vehicle in compliance with the terms of this agreement and particularly with the article 4 of this agreement; 

c) Renter ia fully responsible for damage of windscreen, wheels and tyres and down part of the vehicle except if he ordered and paid Super Kasko insurance (SCDW); 

d) Renter is fully responsible for damages of the vehicle interior; 

e) Renter is fully responsible for loss of regular and additional equipment as well as for extras he ordered such as first aid package, baby seat, GPS navigation, etc; 

f) Renter is fully responsible for loss oh the vehicle key and he agrees too compensate expenses of ordering new key from the local official car distributor and following expenses if there are some, associated with key loss like lock change, computer change, etc; 

g) Renter is fully responsible in case of los any vehicle document. Vehicle documents are: car passport, technical (white) card, green card, compulsory insurance, passenger insurance and accident report.



Renter will pay following expenses before signing the agreement, unless otherwise agreed in official correspondence:

a) daily fixed charge for the entire rental period

b) deposit/franchise from 100€ to 500€ (depending of car class and by official BOKA CAR, add ons charge list) which BOKA CAR keeps until the end of rental agreement and vehicle return, and which is obligated to refund to the Renter if the vehicle is returned in the same condition as collected and with all additional equipment, extras and documentation.

c) price per kilometre from official BOKA CAR price list for exceed of mileage limit of 200 kilometres which is valid especially for one day rentals. For any rental longer then 24 hour there is no mileage limit. The number of covered kilometres is computed according to the indications of the kilometre counter at the beginning (upon collection) ant at the end of rental period (upon return);

d) Standard KASKO insurance (CDW), Theft insurance (TPC) and passenger accident coverage (PAC) are always included in rental prices and valid only for territory of Montenegro. Renter will pay, if desired, super KASKO (SCDW) (insurance that covers tyres, windscreen and downside of the vehicle standard KASKO insurance (CDW) doesn’t cover) and cross border insurance. Super KASKO insurance (SCDW) and cross border insurance is calculated on daily basis and part of official BOKA CAR price list. Renter agrees and accepts to be additional charged 10€ for “Refuelling service” if he doesn’t return the vehicle to BOKA CAR with the same level of fuel as received;

e) taxes, duties and other expenses related to the rental of the vehicle and any BOKA CAR costs, including attorney’s fees and default interest incurred in collecting any kind of payments due related to this rental or related the repossession of vehicle by BOKA CAR;

f) any fines, penalties, court costs and other expenses, imposed or to be imposed on BOKA CAR due to the illegal use of the vehicle by Renter. Renter will pay for parking/traffic fines or congestion charge fines. In this latter case renter or additional driver mentioned on front side of agreement shall continue to be responsible for any illegal acts;

g) All expenses for damages on the vehicle (up to paid deposit) or vehicle interior, on the lower part of the vehicle, type or wheel damages and their repairmen/change, change of windscreen, all if Renter didn’t order and pay offered additional insurance, and everything according to rules of insurance company, insurance does not cover claims up to 500€

h) Additional charge for delivering or returning of the vehicle and also the charge for it’s returns to a location different from the on designated on the front side of this agreement without BOKA CAR written consent. Such charge will be determinate in the official BOKA CAR price list (tariff).

i) If client returns the car extremely dirty inside (interior) client is obliged to pay 50€ for cleaning

j) In the event of any new damage to the vehicle, the client is obliged to contact the company or provide a police report.



Renter is expected to take good care of the vehicle and to inform BOKA CAR immediately if he notice any problem with the vehicle. Any repair of the vehicle by renter himself or any other person is prohibited without BOKA CAR prior consent. The money that renter paid for oil or any repairmen of the vehicle will be refunded only if there is written consent from BOKA CAR and only in possession of fiscal bill, if defectsocopic investigation in official service shows that damage/problem is created by renter fault, BOKA CAR is not obliged to refund money. It’s prohibited to use vehicle for 

a) to be rented to other persons; 

b) to propel or to tow any vehicle, trailer or other object; 

c) to participate in or to follow Rallies or any car sports event;

 d) for subleasing by renter to any third party; 

e) for purposes contrary to the Montenegrin law;

 f) while renter or additional driver of the vehicle are under influence of the alcohol, hallucinatory drugs, narcotics or any other substance impairing his consciousness or ability to react;

 g) in contravention of any customs, traffic or any other regulations; 

h) by any third person other then renter and additional driver; 

i) to transfer or carry heavy luggage, inflammable materials, staining or badly smelling goods, narcotics, etc;

j) to make illegal transports of locals or foreigners or to perform illegal acts.

Any kind of insurance isn’t valid if this terms of use are violated.



If renter wishes to prolong rental period of the vehicle, he has to notify BOKA CAR in writing at least 24h before the end of the rental period to receive respective written approval. BOKA CAR doesn’t guarantee possibility of rental extension. If the renter fails to do so and doesn’t return the vehicle as agreed in this agreement he will have both civil and penal liability for illegal use and possession of the vehicle.



Renter expressly agrees that BOKA CAR is not responsible for any loss or damage suffered by renter and third parties, during the rental period and no claim be raised against BOKA CAR for the above reason. Also luggage is not covered by insurance and renter is responsible for any loss or damage of property belonging to him or not. BOKA CAR holds on responsibility for any such loss, damage, etc. at  the time of rental or after the return of the vehicle to BOKA CAR. Also BOKA CAR is not obliged to refund money if renter returns the vehicle before agreed date and time.



In case of an accident or any other incident renter or additional driver are obliged to immediately do following: 

  1. inform BOKA CAR without moving the vehicle and without delays;
  2. notify the Police to investigate the liability to the third party and provide care to any injured. Without official police report all kind of insurance are invalid;
  3. not acknowledge liability or guilt and claims of third partiers in any way, direct or indirect;
  4. note names and addresses of eye witnesses and also the name and the vehicle of the driver and the data of the vehicle, with which rented vehicle may have collided;
  5. photograph the location of the accident and the vehicles participating in the accident, if possible;
  6. renter must complete and sign an accident/theft report all relevant documents that law and insurance company claim. 

All that within 24 hours and together with BOKA CAR representative.



Renter consents to the computer storage of his personal data. It is strictly agreed that BOKA CAR is authorised to use such data, when renter at time of rental makes incorrect statements or violates the terms of this agreement and to pass on such data to the Country Authorities in case there is suspicion of committing a criminal or other offence.



Vehicle is always property of BOKA CAR. This is an agreement of rental only. Renter is not the BOKA CAR agent in any way and in any case. Renter acknowledges that he acquires no rights other than those stated in agreement. During the rental all additional driver sae jointly and several liable with the renter. In case that this agreement is signed by a representative of renter, he would be jointly and severally responsible with the renter. This agreement supersedes any other prior written or verbal agreement between BOKA CAR and renter. BOKA CAR cannot waive any of its rights deriving from the law and this agreement. Any alternation of the terms of this agreement is not valid if not agreed in writing. Renter agrees and accepts that all above-mentioned are valid both in case of the initial agreement with BOKA CAR and in any case of extension of the time of the rental and/or replacement of the vehicle. In case there is difference between the copies and the original of this agreement, the original possessed by BOKA CAR always supersedes. The contracting parties acknowledged and accept that all terms of this agreement are substantial for purposes hereof.



The agreement is governed by Montenegrin Legislation and any and all disputes which may arise between BOKA CAR and renter from this agreement will be subject of the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Podgorica in Montenegro.